Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is a "FEAR CAGE"?


Our paranormal investigation group has been handling some really interesting cases, so we thought we’d share some investigative techniques with you, starting with the Fear Cage and its typical detection tool.

We always try to reiterate legitimate paranormal investigators are first and foremost debunkers. It’s never a case of blind acceptance of seeming evidence. We go at any suspected paranormal activity every way we can to disprove it. And usually we do. Disprove it, that is. Only for approximately 2% of all documentable evidence can we not find a physical reason for its occurring. Takes a strong sense of humor when forced to admit we suffer a lot of self-inflicted disappointment, and a lot of self defeat. But when we can’t disprove something after subjecting it to every conceivable test  . . .  that’s when the hundreds upon hundreds of work hours invested become worthwhile!

In paranormal investigation what is a Fear Cage? And how do we recognize it?

A bit of explanation first. One of the tools we use is an EMF detector, a hand-held device that accurately measures electrical flux in the environment, called Electro Magnetic Fields. We sweep for and log static (constant) EMF’s where we find them. Only randomly occurring or wildly spiking EMF’s are attributed to paranormal activity. To scientifically explain the effect EMF’s can cause with the neurons of the brain would take too long here, so suffice it to say people--as well as their pets--can be susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Exposure for long periods of time can trigger psychological reactions such feelings of as anxiety and paranoia. For some it can trigger physical reactions such as headaches and nausea, with even pets affected to the point of illness. The constant bombardment of high EMF’s can actually trigger brain activity, producing visual and audio hallucinations. In a minute number of individuals, even mild EMF’s can trigger them. 

There have actually been documented cases of EMF’s concentrated strongly enough to produce mass hallucinations, such as those on a ranch in Arizona, where guests were jostled from a dead sleep, woken nightly by loud repetitive booms. Yet audio recorders set out recorded no such sounds; neither did seismographic equipment set up to detect physical tremors register anything. So that means when most reported paranormal activity repeatedly occurs in a single specific spot, we have to consider the possibility we’re dealing with someone susceptible to EMF’s.

These fields can be naturally occurring, or created by many things. Innocent seeming things. If someone experiences unsettling sights and sounds only in bed, we meticulously examine that environment for high EMF’s before going further. It’s possible for the bedside electric alarm clock on one table, CD player on the other side of the bed, and ceiling fan overhead to produce a distinct triangular electromagnetic field. The person in the bed is in the middle. When this particular type of static field occurs, since the person is literally “caged” by the electrical influence and it produces frightening hallucinations, it’s referred to as a Fear Cage. Quite often Fear Cages can be found in basements where the main electrical box, heat/air conditioning unit, central vacuum, and large appliances create a high concentration of EMF’s.

Is there another ghostly world around us? We investigate because we want to find out. 

Happy ghost hunting from all of us at MGCP!

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