Monday, November 30, 2015

MGCParanormal Will Be At Geek-O-Nomocon 2015

December 11-12-13th MGCParanormal
Will Be At


MGCP Team Members are looking forward to sharing what we do at one of the newest and fastest growing Conventions on the Gulf Coast! The Paranormal Track includes Expedition Unknown, Stephen Guenther and Tanya Vandesteeg  of Midsouth Paranormal, A.S.H.--Alabama Spirit Hunters, Medium Glenn White, Tarot Card reader Damian Chambers, M.P.R.I., and yours truly, We're doing a panel presentation about Paranormal Investigating, Types of Hauntings, sharing evidence and equipment, and future plans for the group.

Family friendly, Geek isn't just about the Paranormal. It offers the best of everything! Check out some of the attending celebrities here, in Geek's Guest of Honor Album. 
Tanya Vandesteeg

Come check out the exhibitors and vendors. Steampunk artists and designers have some incredible items. Plus, with the USO being Geek-O-Nomicon's official charity, there will be a Pin Up Girl contest; Dieselpunk Style! 

Come in your best Dieselpunk on Saturday morning as Geek attempts the World's Record of Most Dieselpunks in One Room...

Comic artists... Writers...Actors... Film and Acting Workshops... Even Academics who include Kathy Beauford and Scott G. Phillips, who developed an interest in the space program as a child, inspired by @Neil Armstrong's moon landing. He worked in the @Space Shuttle Program for 33 years and is a space historian and memorabilia collector. Scott combined his passion for woodworking with his interest in space and has created hundreds of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted hardwood Shuttle models to memorialize the space shuttle and its legacy. Some of his work is autographed and owned by astronauts and space enthusiasts, Paranormal, Indi films, Kids track, TV and Film celebrities.

 Cosplay, Costume, Special FX, and Prop designers will be on hand to share their work...

Indiwood will feature films, actors, and stunt men...

Even the Kids track features some unique activities, and they can also expect a hearty visit from Mid South Buccaneers who will teach "Sward Fightin'" as well as some of the more ... interesting... Pirate-y Behaviors. 

Order your attendee memberships on line  where there is a 10% discount to military, law enforcement, senior citizens, students and faculty, emergency responders, and their children.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...December 11-12-13th!

Happy Ghost/Bigfoot/Urban Legend/UFO hunting!
From the Entire MGCParanormal Team

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There is a 10% discount to military, law enforcement, senior citizens, students and faculty, emergency responders, and their children.
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Monday, November 23, 2015


 Bigfoot Hunting and . . . Buzzards??? is fortunate indeed. We do more than ghost hunting. Some times we get to practice the really unusual:

That word defines serious search for new life forms on Earth. Before you dismiss it as hooey, publishes the top twenty newly discovered species of animals, plants, and insects in the past twelve months, each and every year. How many are actually discovered if only the top twenty gain recognition?

Two from the 2014 list are a new species of river dolphin (Inia araguaiaensis) in Brazil. Then for the spider lovers among us (NOT!) there is the Moroccan flic-flac spider (Cebrennus rechenbergi) that cartwheels. Weren't plain old crawling and jumping ones enough? Now we have to deal with spiders indulging in acrobatic maneuvers in our nightmares??

So don't discount all those stories about strange creatures you've heard just yet.

Also, we're always asked, "Who are you?" and "What do you actually do?" Going to attempt to give you a little of both with this post.

Called to Marion County, Mississippi to investigate Bigfoot sightings and multiple reports of whoops and wood knocks--two of the known ways this cryptid communicates--the MGCP team conducted a two day, overnight hunt in an extremely remote area. On better than 250 acres that were fenced and under lock, only a shallow, gravel-bottomed river separated that property from over five-thousand even more remote acres. No people, no power, no running water, and how can this be delicately said....  We actually introduced some newer members to the joys of the Portable Camp Toilet. Team member Chris felt sorry for the girls and provided it. (Thank you, Jonelle, for having such a considerate husband!) Team member Martha, who has a unique sense of humor and makes the best of everything, made a couple of short hysterical videos about the experience. Nothing we can share publicly, but more than a month later they leave us rolling with laughter. Guess if you want to see them, you have to join MGCP.  No one can ever accuse us of not having fun.

Each of our members is unique, and contributes much to the team as a whole. Nowhere does it show better than during investigations. Team members Terry and Chris are techie gurus. They can assess a site or situation and come up with the perfect set up to collect hard evidence. Should probably mention Chris also provides a droll, rather British sense of humor, camouflaged under a deceptively sedate delivery. Some of the slower members of the team (Team member Lois raises her hand) have been known to burst into laughter a full five minutes after delivery of the punchline. Usually when she's alone, deep in the woods. Team member Deb is not only a martial artist, she provides support during good times and chaos, and can spot an anomaly from twenty paces. Team member Bobbie has a way of analyzing a hunt beforehand and locks in on any possible needs. She provided easily transportable plaster of Paris kits to make casts if we discovered viable Bigfoot prints, and another time brought maps for people to pinpoint exactly where their paranormal encounter occurred. Team member Martha doesn't back up from anything, and can set up and tear down in record time. She's known for providing interesting commentary on audio, too. Team member Steve has a knack for reading energy (though he won't acknowledge it) and comes up with questions that get a stalled EVP session going again. Team member Sarah has an analytical mind and is turning out to be a natural empath, a combination that provides great investigative results. Investigator in Training Autumn learns technique far faster than the typical rate, and is a sensitive and empath. Team member Lois is known for being one with the earth. Often. As in she communes with vines...wrapped around her ankles. Branches...tangled in her hair. Leaves impressive dents in even gentle slopes, her backside used as an improvised sled. As in Terry declaring, "If she trips again I'm not even going to ask if she's okay. Unless she start screaming. Or is three hours late returning to camp." Even when she's on monitor duty, if there's a thud of unknown origin, other team members have been known to shout in unison, "Did you just fall out of your chair?" (For the record, no, she did not.)

Part time Team member Tyler, who connects with child spirits, needs to hurry up and get his narrow behind back from Minnesota. 

Back to Bigfoot. This site required special consideration as far as equipment due to the enormity of area covered. We set up base camp, employing our generator that is equipped with an inverter to protect our electronics.

Multiple strategically placed infrared floodlights illuminated the entire area around base, which included the actual spot of one sighting. Stationary Infra red video cameras with audio were fed directly to the DVR and left running while three teams set out on foot along trails once darkness fell.

Day and night, each of us wore or carried full spectrum POV video cameras (think Go Pro capable of recording in daylight, OR darkness under infrared floodlights). They're great for recording temperature changes, electrical flux of MEL meters, and light changes on the K-II's, as well as providing another source of audio to double check against the hand held recorders. We do all we can to verify or debunk sounds or any visual anomalies that are encountered. Camouflaged motion activated game cameras with self-contained IR floods were set along trails or in remote spots we hiked to, each unit capable of recording still photographs, or video from thirty seconds to three minutes in length, in both natural and infrared light.

We used the FLIR unit during night hikes, not only in anticipation of possibly filming Bogfoot, but also for advance warning if a vicious, better than 400 pound wild boar we'd been cautioned to be on the lookout for came close--trail cam photos show he has fiv-to-six inch "cutters", the bottom tusks used to rip victims open, eviscerating and killing them. We were glad to have the protection of team members with weapons training, and who carried high power side arms in the event that boar charged from the brush. Paranormal investigations aren't for the meek. They aren't always safe, and they sure aren't glamorous as they appear on TV. There is hard work, attention to detail, and vast amounts of sweat equity involved.

Then after investigating comes the study of everything recorded, audio'd, photographed, or collected. That takes time and patience, but when we find something, it's worth all the work! Keep checking our Paranormal Evidence page at, because we caught some exciting evidence out in those woods! We're setting up the reveal session with the property owner, and once we have permission we will share with you a few of the things we found.

About that buzzard....

After we packed up camp and loaded the vehicles, our convoy headed for home. As we traveled along the highway a lone buzzard came flying straight toward the trucks, laboring to carry a large piece of road kill. Don't know if he couldn't gain enough altitude to avoid the trucks, carrying weight like he was, or if it was a deliberate bombing. But he let go of his "baggage", and whatever it used to be thumped and skidded along the top passenger side of Bobbie's SUV.  Left a very past tense, chunky trail of blood and gore. There was much gagging and squealing of "Ewwww!"

Thank goodness for the car wash. And teenage sons (who will forever hate that particular piece of punish work! LOL)

See, I TOLD you paranormal investigations aren't always safe...but we have to admit none of us expected a buzzard attack. lol

Until next time, happy Ghost/Bigfoot/UFO/Urban Legend hunting!

         From the entire Team at MGCParanormal

PS: We'll be at Geek-O-Nomicon December 11-12-13 in Biloxi, MS! Great family oriented Con, and we'd love to meet you! We'll be sharing what we do and some of the evidence we've collected from various cases. 

Get online at and check out the celebrities who will be there. Expedition Unknown. Scott Tepperman--actor and producer of many paranormal TV shows and films. Glenn White--nationally known Medium. Tarot card readers. Paranormal investigation groups...and that's just the Paranormal Track. There is also a Kids Track, where Pirates will teach "Sward Fightin'", Cosplay Track, Indiwood film Track, Artist Track, Writers Track, Academic Track, and many more.

Come join three full days of fun! Or even one day, because it's worth the trip!

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