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The "Clairs"--Your Psychic Senses

    THE "CLAIRS"  


The “Clair” Senses

The Five Physical Senses we learned as children are the sense of Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, and Taste.   

But how do we refer to and differentiate these same senses on the paranormal (or psychic, if you prefer) level? 

MGCParanormal hopes to provide enough information here to help with basic understanding. If something strikes a chord with you, we invite you to delve deeper on your own, as there are a number of resources that go into great depth and detail, even offering instructions on developing and strengthening the “Clairs” for use in paranormal investigation.

Sight—is Clairvoyance: Clear Vision.

Clairvoyance: Syllabification: clair-voy-ance

Pronunciation: kla(ə)rˈ-voi-ens

Definition: noun  The power or faculty of discerning objects or matters not present to the senses—called also cryptesthesia

A person with the talent of Clairvoyance is called a Clairvoyant. Some explain this talent as the ability to reach into another place or time and tap into a vibrational frequency, one created by or during another time realm, and perceive within the mind’s eye—without the aid of their physical eyes, and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space—something existing in that realm, using “inner sight”.  Though these mental images are more easily read in an **Alpha State or during meditation , many clairvoyants can see into the past, present, and future in a variety of environments. 

 **(One of the four types of brain waves, Alpha waves with 14>7 cycles per second, occur during light sleep/ dreams/ meditation/ daydreams/ creative visualization/ connection to the subconscious)

 One example for the past is when a Clairvoyant is used to physically locate a lost item—say a ring of great sentimental value, misplaced long ago in the depths of a large home.  For the present, some Clairvoyants have helped police find missing persons or the location of a lost or kidnapped child. As to the future, others may receive a vision of a particular person or place that will later influence someone’s life in a good or bad way. 

A few synonyms for clairvoyance would be: extrasensory perception, second sight, sixth sense. The first known use of the word clairvoyance was in 1838.

Related words would be: foreknowledge; foresight; prescience; precognition; telepathy; parapsychology.

Hearing—is Clairaudience: Clear 
Audio/or Hearing.

clairaudience: Syllabification: clair·au·di·ence


Definition: noun, the supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible; the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded has having objective reality; the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead.

A person with the talent of Claraudience is called a Clairaudient. For someone who has developed this psychic talent, an over simplification would be to say they can perform similarly to a radio, tuning in to frequencies others cannot hear. They may receive simple sounds, tones, snippets of music, or the voices of Spirits giving them names and dates. At times they may even hear the sounds of nature such as rushing water or animal noises. (Specific sounds have led to locating missing people by directing searchers to a particular stretch of a river where white water flows, or where wolves can be heard howling.) Other times the Clairaudient may hear moving objects such as trains, aircraft, or traffic on a highway. At other times sounds of things from the past can be heard, like steam whistles, locomotives, rhythmic drum beats or chanting and singing. 

Some paranormal investigators have reported hearing a single repetitive word or name from out of the blue during investigations; the experience can be simultaneously unsettling, yet exciting. Particularly when that word or name leads to critical revelations concerning a place or person, or provides important, pertinent information of which we were unaware, yet needed.

Then there are the singular incidences of Clairaudience, unsought yet profound experiences, as in someone hearing the voice of a deceased loved one giving a warning not to drive on a particular road, or to avoid a certain flight, or the urgent admonition to check on a child.

A few synonyms for clairaudience would be: psychical, telepathic, spiritualist, premonition, telethesia. The first known use of the word Clairaudience is a source of contention, falling between 1860 and1865. (Some historians adamantly claim the word was used as early as 1860, while others maintain it wasn’t used until 1865.) It has appeared in the French language since 1864.

Related words would be: telepaths, ESP, presentiment.

Touch—Clairtangency: Clear Touching.

Clairtangence: Syllabification: clair·tan·gence

Pronunciation: kla(ə )rˈtən jəns/

Definition: noun the ability to gain psychic impressions through touch.

Clairtangency is the ability to get psychic impressions through touch. A person with the talent of Clairtangency is a Clairtangent. (This talent is probably more commonly known as Psychometry: the handling of an object, or touching an area or place, to perceive through one’s palms information about that item, or that item’s owner, that wasn’t prior known to the Clairtangent.) 

Of all the psychic senses, this is the only one that requires using the physical sense to access.

An example of clairtangency is found in the case where a dagger used in ritual sacrifice was bound, bundled, padded, wrapped, its shape otherwise camouflaged until it was rendered completely unrecognizable. It was then handed to a female Clairtangent. She responded by screaming and tossing the bundle to the floor, refusing to touch it further as she spoke of seeing nothing but blood and horrific death connected to the item.

Another example of clairtangency is when a personal article is provided to be used by a Medium during a reading or a séance. Touching or handling an item such as a locket or brooch, pocket knife or tie tack, allows the medium to draw on the most personal essence of the deceased they are trying to contact, theoretically making communication easier. Other clairtangent mediums can handle a strange item—say an antique tool or bone button found on a piece of newly purchased property—and offer “glimpses” of how, where, and by whom it was used. 

Again, clairtangents handling items dear to someone have helped police locate missing persons by connecting with them on the deepest level to gain insights as to their current location. They have also helped locate the bodies of murder victims by using a similar method, bringing closure to tormented and grieving families.

Synonyms for Clairtangency: no synonyms were found.

The first use of the term Clantangency was in 1864.

Related words would be: Intuitives, Mediums, Channelers.

Smell—Clairscent. Clear Smelling.

Clairscent: Syllabification: clair·scent

Pronunciation: kla(ə)rˈsənt

Definition: noun  to smell a fragrance/odor of substance, or food, which is not currently in one’s surroundings.

Clairscent is the psychic ability to smell things that are not currently present, or have not been present for a number of years—or even decades or centuries.

An example of Clariscent is entering a room that has been long empty of persons, yet smelling perfume, fresh cigar smoke, the scent of pipe tobacco, or even baked goods. Clairscent is smelling and naming a scent associated with a particular individual, such as your grandmother’s favorite perfume or Eau de Bath. It can also be associated with an event, such as walking through an open field and suddenly smelling the bitter heaviness of burnt gunpowder, only to learn later that a battle had been fought there. It can be someone experiencing a complicated time in their life and catching a whiff of the comforting aroma of their favorite home baked cookies, something their deceased mother or grandmother did during their childhood to cheer them up.

Clairscent can help identify Spirits. The scent of salt water may let a paranormal investigator know a seaman or ship’s captain is present in an area. A medium may ask his audience “Who do you know that wears White Shoulders?,” or another more unique fragrance, to let an individual know a family member has stepped forward and is present with them.

Clairscent can be a comfort, and identifier of particular Spirits, or a warning.

Synonyms for Clairscent: none found. The first use of this word was in the 1860’s.

Related words: none found, with the only references directing one to the other Clair senses.

Taste—Clairgustance. Clear Taste.

Clairgustance: Syllabification: clair·gust·ance

Pronunciation: kla(ə )rˈgoost əns/

Definition: psychic ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth.

The only references I was able to find concerning Clairgustance were in conjunction with clairscent, where the scent of jasmine in a closed room became so strong it was also a taste on the tongue. Another referred to an abandoned building that had been empty for so long that locals had no idea of its former service. A medium walking through caught the overwhelming scent of wine being made, and mentioned the bitter taste of tannins on the back of his tongue. After further research it was learned through an obscure reference that it was once indeed a winery.

Although they have nothing to do with the five physical senses we know, we can add two other terms to this list.

Clairsentience and Clairempathy.

Clairsentience , also known as Claircognizance: clear feeling or clear knowing. It is to perceive information by a feeling, with no outer stimuli related to that feeling or information. What we refer to as “a gut feeling” or an intuitive knowing.  That electric tingle of a presence. That unfamiliar name resonating in our mind. That insistent urge directing us toward a particular room or outdoor area. 

Are these feelings due to our subconscious recognizing or realizing something before our conscious mind grasps it? Or is it true psychic ability? I'm sure that's something we’d all like to know.

Clairempathy, or an Empath 

Empath, a person with the psychic ability to tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place, or animal. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy, granting a person the ability to feel within one’s self the emotion, attitude, or ailment of another person or entity. 

Sometimes having a psychic ability causes distress or great discomfort. It depletes natural energy when you find yourself unexpectedly dealing with another person’s—or spirit’s—fear, debilitating illness, tragic accident, unresolved murder, grief, or depression.

No matter which of the "Clairs" you may use or randomly experience, please make sure to take time for yourself, to cleanse away negativity and replenish your energy afterward.

So are you intrigued? I’m already noting titles and authors of books on a number of these subjects. Everything around us can be used as a tool to gain knowledge. And with knowledge comes a greater understanding. I’m all about the knowledge.

After all, our MGCParanormal motto is “Focused on finding the Truth . . . .”

~Happy Ghost/Bigfoot/Urban Legend/UFO hunting from the entire Team at MGCParanormal!~

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ready for a HUGE reveal??


MGCParanormal has been meeting with a producer who is very interested in getting what we do to the public. Those talks are coming to fruition as we begin filming the first four segments of a series!

Not many realize the vast amounts of hard work and attention to detail involved while participating in film work. WE certainly are learning! We have been told to expect twelve hour days to complete segments in a timely manner, to be ready to move at a moment's notice to new locations as they come up, to tolerate the repetitions necessary to present a piece of information in exactly the right way, and to start practicing maintaining exacting details in actions and appearances....

But we were also told to get ready to have a lot of fun with it!

The first part of filming will be the necessary fill shots and individual personal shots, so the Producer and Editor will have clips of interesting action as we set up and tear down equipment, explain the technical aspects of and uses for our different pieces of equipment, and generally offer quick explanations of how MGCP does things in the Paranormal field. 

Film sessions after this initial one will be on location; at the actual historical sites we have investigated, sites of our Bigfoot hunts, and other sources of our paranormal evidence. 

What caught the full interest of this producer? The fact that MGCParanormal has real paranormal evidence! No faking, no exaggeration, no extreme reactions....unless they actually occur. Sensationalized showmanship simply isn't necessary, and the lack of it makes what we do more understandable and believable. We present the Paranormal in a scientific way, proving and debunking in turn, and provide new and unexpected ways to look at history. He also loves that history plays such a large part in our investigations.

We've investigated in buildings, oak woods, piney woods, along rivers, and in the marsh. This producer is so impressed by the fact that we stay true to our motto "Focused on finding the Truth..." that he arranged access to a five thousand acre piece  of property that contains many of the same terrains to maintain cohesion between investigation sites and inserted educational clips. He is helping us stick to the reality of what we do, and for that we think even more highly of him and his creative integrity.

So we'd appreciate it if you'd wish us good luck in these latest efforts to bring Paranormal Tourism to the Gulf Coast! We'll be posting video clips to our web page and YouTube so you can give us suggestions and offer your opinion. We're sure you'll get a few laughs as we post bloopers and fails. If we can't laugh at ourselves, we're totally missing our intention to connect with the public!

Can't wait to start using our brand new lead-in video! The Producer has created a helluva fantastic professional platform exclusively for MGCParanormal. Keep checking back because we should start posting clips very soon!

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Yes, it's the dreaded first Monday of 2016, but you won't find us complaining!

Mississippi Gulf Coast Paranormal is super excited to be hosted by longstanding TAPS family members Stephen Guenther and Tanya Vandersteeg on their HISTORICAL HAUNTS RADIO SHOW--Live on -- out of Memphis, TN! Tonight is the night.....and we'd love to have you tune in and join us. 

Stephen and Tanya have done a fantastic job providing interesting and thought provoking paranormal topics during their talk show, the proof being that tonight kicks off their FOURTH year of broadcasting. We met them in Biloxi at Geek-O-Nomicon 2015, and found them to be two of the nicest, most well informed people we've come across in the Paranormal field.

So please, consider this our invitation to tune in as we share a couple of EVP's we've captured and talk about our experiences. There will be Q&A opportunities to chat with MGCP team members and Stephen and Tanya on one of the most respected Paranormal talk venues around!

Happy Ghost/Bigfoot/Urban Legend/UFO hunting from the entire team at MGCParanormal!

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