Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MGCParanormal is Looking to Add Investigators!

If you have ever wanted to become a Paranormal Investigator, now may be your opportunity to do so. Our case load is growing so that we need to add to the MGCP ranks.

Experience is not necessary. We will train you in equipment, investigative skills and methods, and evidence review. Many places want only experienced individuals, but we're appreciative of the enthusiasm of someone just breaking into the field. It happens to be contagious and downright uplifting!

We do have a few very important things we're looking for in new members, but they are critical to maintaining a smooth working relationship. So here is the pitch:

** If you are ANTI DRAMA, can FOLLOW PREDESIGNATED RULES of conduct becoming an MGCP investigator as well as protect the privacy of our clients, can do occasional OVERNIGHT or FULL WEEKEND hunts -- particularly for out of state sites and ROUGHING IT while searching for Bigfoot -- plus have a true interest in all things paranormal, you may be what we're looking for.

Personality and cooperative attitude a must, as we all work closely together. We have leaders but no prima donnas or divas. While we don't require experience, if you have worked with another paranormal group you MUST FULLY ADAPT to MGCP guidelines. But we are willing to listen to suggestions, so don't be afraid to offer those during group meetings!

Please understand we require a minimum age of 21, background checks, a full interview prior to a team trial investigation and going out into the field, signing of a legally enforceable confidentiality clause, and a 90 day/minimum number of investigations probation period that concludes with a current team vote of acceptance before becoming a full member. We don't mean to sound so hardcore about what we expect, but we are serious about what we do and are extremely careful in ensuring new members are a good meld with the existing group.**

Think you might be interested? We'd love for you to head over to and click on the Contact/Inquiries tab and fill out a submission! Interviews typically take no more than an hour, and give you a chance to meet the people you'll be working with. Please don't let the above paragraphs put you off. The why of everything will be explained during your interview, and there truly are reasons for each point mentoned. We may be serious about what we're looking for, but be assured we also know how to have fun! 

**Submissions are open until midnight, July 28, 2017. All submissions will receive a response within 24-48 hours. You will be contacted via email shortly after submissions close the 28th to set up a mutually acceptable date and time for your personal interview. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person!

Mississippi Gulf Coast Paranormal

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