Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Get ready for it!

CoastCon is right around the corner!

MGCParanormal.org is excited and ready to once again share what we love to do!  Paranormal Investigation. We'd love to have you drop by our Fan Table at CoastCon!

As the best equipped paranormal investigation team on the Gulf Coast, we're doing our best to educate and inform. We can start with the most basic of concepts, or we can delve into the more technical aspects involved in investigation, or offer some hands-on experience with tools used in the field today. This is why we enjoy the one-on-one contact we have with guests at CoastCon, opportunities for real personal exchange. As our logo states, MGCParanormal remains "Focused on Finding the Truth".

Paranormal is More Than Just Ghost Hunting! 

We love to ghost hunt, but we're also excited to share what we've learned about, and are involved in, concerning the other aspects of Paranormal Investigation. We're thrilled and proud to announce we have officially filled out all four corners of our Investigator emblem. Ghosts, Bigfoot, Urban Legends, and UFO's! 

We can't wait to share our latest experiences -- as well as the evidence we've captured! -- while handling calls from clients about Bigfoot, and our ensuing Bigfoot Hunts as a result of these calls. 

We're also excited to share places we've discovered along the Gulf Coast that carry Paranormal Historical Significance, or Urban Legends, where we've had personal experiences or captured evidence, particularly since these sites are accessible to the public. 

We're excited, too, to share our calls about possible UFO encounters, and the unexplainable, multi-sized "circles" left on the same property multiple times. Sorry, this one has no public access, and must remain an Undisclosed Location to protect the privacy of the property owner. But it has opened up an entirely new realm of investigation for MGCParanormal! (Yes, our Super Techs are researching the best field operational Geiger Counters to add to our extensive collection of paranormal investigation equipment!) This equipment is what allows us to capture the best evidence to help our clients, and keeps us working to add new items as they become available.

We were honored to be the Halloween Day guests at SuperTalk Mississipi radio show, 102.1, covering the entire State of Mississippi. We were scheduled for one segment, and we were thrilled and humbled that listener interest and interaction was high enough that we remained on air for a full FOUR segments! So to Dave at SuperTalk Mississippi radio, we send a Super Thank You for the invitation. Looking forward to working with you again! There is a certain overgrown field we agreed would be a great investigation to do together, and MGCP will bring the equipment to catch the knocking on the vehicle! LOL 

One more thing.... There have been so many emails, FB messages, and calls concerning joining our group that we will have information available about submitting applications to become an MGCParanormal Investigator!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at CoastCon, March 16th-17th-18th in Biloxi, MS, at Mississippi Coast Coliseum on Highway 90! Please stop by our booth to talk, or even share your experiences. We're always open to new information and always here to help! We'll have sage, and other helpful and interesting items, even some logo'd pieces.

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As every time before there we'll have something for the kids! (Or even the kids at heart! LOL)

Come see us at CoastCon this year!

Thanks! from The Entire MGCParanormal Team 

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